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The issue in America today is the battle between instilling individual morality or collective morality, and who is responsible for instilling the morality.

Remember that time Ted Kennedy sent people to the Soviet Union to get their help for his run for president in exchange for weapons and many other things? Hmmm. Sounds like collusion.

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BREAKING: Multiple publications have confirmed that a picture has emerged of Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam appearing in a KKK and blackface photo in his 1984 yearbook at Eastern Virginia Medical School

Notice Elizabeth Warren said "she apologizes for doing the DNA test to PROVE her Native American heritage" she didn't apologize for anything. She needs to denounce the claim. Typical politican word play.

3 things that ensure Trumps reelection.
1 valiant fight for the wall
2 decriminalization of marijuana
3 term limits

Glad to finally have somewhere to intelligently discuss the current state of politics with highly intelligent people on the greatest alternative media outlet ever built! This is our version of the wall.

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