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So who does Romney think he is putting on this Act for???
The Act is for all the other secret society Elites, in their .
- First and foremost.

1. youtu.be/gFfCuEDU2gw

2. All other low level minion thinkers.

Very Serious.


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.@SenGillibrand Says Illegal Aliens Should Have Social Security Benefits |


( trying to bribe the Illegals still ) !!

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.@realDonaldTrump Rips Into Kellyanne’s ‘Husband from Hell’ George Conway || via @jenniestaerhttps://t.co/25ppR0ElK6


( SO TRUE ) !!

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.@JSolomonReports The Hill: Ukrainian Prosecutor Opens Investigation Into Alleged Plot To Aide Hillary Clinton In 2016 saraacarter.com/the-hill-ukrai … via @SaraCarterDC

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Jordanian MP Khalil Attieh
"I salute you, Hero! May God Bless you"


in the coming days, censorship WILL hit our shores. It is being pushed from the highest levels. They are panicked an pulling out all of the stops. This is our refuge. Here we will be able to regroup and redeploy. Count on it!

Prime Example of MSM propaganda. They try to take the side of conservatives by showing how "human" the other side is. Then they pop the question, "Do you think Trump is racist." We say "of course not." Then they say, "not all conservatives feel the same way." follow that with a fake history lesson to reinforce the idea that Republicans became racist after they ended slavery. Lastly, trump supporters wear MAGA hats out of "defiance." Presto! 6.5 minutes of total bullshit

@patryn94 it looks to be hitting this afternoon, as a lot of sites that post Conservative stuff is unable to get to the atricls , get stuck on the way, some of it is stuck in goolgetagmanagenet.com !!

@bobo Bring up your page and open your Follows and followers.

ICYMI here is a link for a guide 😉


Don't stop questioning the narrative. Whatever that narrative is. Think for yourself. That is the most important message. Don't ask, research. Go look , find out, get a library card. Don't rely on giggle. Go find the information you seek. It is amazing what is available if you only seek. Be a seeker. Ask the questions. Discern. Come to logical conclusions. Think for yourself!

@bobo You are very welcome.

Always feel free to ask on the platform or DM me anytime... 😎

We are in this together 😉

When you start diving into Soros activities in Ukraine, you will see that he follows the same routine all over the world in countries he wants to sway...

Owning or buying off the media is always one of the first steps...

@MAGA45 So many questions (That I already have answers to) Oh sh!t, who's this in ukr checking out some chem weaps?

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