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Praying Medic:

Julian Assange attends hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court in London


You ever notice —

Democrats lie about what they believe to get votes.

If that doesn't work, they get illegals to vote.

If that doesn't work, they cheat.

If that doesn't work, they just keep voting.

and If that doesn't work, they get a liberal judge to overturn the votes.

BILL CLINTON IMPEACHED ON DECEMBER 19, 1998 (DEMOCRATS TRYING FOR REVENGE ON TRUMP..Not only is tomorrow’s impeachment vote all about the crazy socialist Democrats

Philip Schuyler@FiveRights
Barack Hussein Obama, a US-hating political jihadist since age 12, deliberately corrupted
Justice Dept
State Dept
fed judiciary
while our traitorous deep state & media abetted, protected, & promoted O's anti-US appointees & policies every step of the way.
Philip Schuyler@FiveRights
It took FBI Director Christopher Wray abt 3 weeks after being given the job to turn against Trump.
POTUS should've fired Wray right then, must fire him now.
Wray is deep state scum, an enemy of the American ppl.
Wray needs to be in prison right next to Comey & Brennan.
Philip Schuyler@FiveRights
USA's most dishonest institutions
1. deep state (esp FBI & CIA)
2. Dem leaders (protecting deep state, promoting coup)
3. MSM
4. college edu
5. soc media
All are Left-controlled.
All censor actuality & promote falsehoods to create more lefties.
Dem party hates Americans.
Philip Schuyler@FiveRights
Yours (media) is the most dishonest profession, so when you claim "we don't do this" or "we don't do that," there's no reason in the world anyone should believe you.
You regularly show that you exist to demonize Trump and that you'll do anything to accomplish it.
Philip Schuyler@FiveRights
Here's how corrupt our govt and media are: to identify a man of integrity see who they're sloganeering to impeach.
Philip Schuyler@FiveRights
IG Horowitz, deep state scum.
Obama deliberately chose ppl who were incapable of subordinating their personal feelings to their duty.
Apparently Horowitz was no different.
His "conclusions" are flat-out lies.
Philip Schuyler@FiveRights
IG Horowitz,
When you conclude that the Russia investigation was initiated free of bias, you show that you're just another deep state liar.
Why couldn't you have been honest?
Philip Schuyler@FiveRights
IG Horowitz, like everyone else in Obama's govt, just doesn't have it in him to come out and say it: deep staters shat all over their duty and committed dozens of felonies in service of their TDS.
Did Horowitz not know about the players themselves referring to it as a "coup"?
Philip Schuyler@FiveRights
The fact that the deep state lowlifes called the operation Crossfire Hurricane indicates how they saw themselves.
Philip Schuyler@FiveRig
Pres Trump has USA in best shape it has ever been.
So what are you "resist"ing?
Would you prefer to see Americans worse off?
Philip Schuyler@FiveRights
Horowitz seems political like Mueller.
Mueller report found Trump innocent but Mueller's bias kept him from admitting it.
Horowitz's conclusions don't match his report either. One FBI sin of omission can be called an "oversight." Dozens can't unless you're biased in favor of FBI.
Philip Schuyler@FiveRights
If not for our ultra-corrupt media and fraud at the polls, how would this Democratic party receive one vote?
Why wants ethically-bankrupt crybabies running USA?

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