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Of course man made climate change is fake. But what isnt fake is all the toxic shit coming out of vehicle tailpipes and going into the environment and into your lungs.

Of course, keep in mind that the source of that electricity is Power Generation Facilities, mostly running on fossil if they were ALL Nuclear, then indeed electric cars would really be 'emission clean' as it is NOW, they merely shift the 'emissions' from the electric car in the city, to more 'dirty emissions' out in the desert/outback where the power plant providing the electric power is located...and by the way T&D Transmission and Distribution adds an engineered 10% that the 40% thermal efficient power plant, nets out at about 36% net regards thermal/electric

I hate that low IQ black supremacist commie POS and the NBA so much.

Geographical distribution of the Brunn:
Western Ireland - Cork and Kerry in particular - houses the only living Brünn population in the world today, and this element accounts for nearly half of the Irish racial composition on the whole.

The Irish Brünn type has added an important increment to the Icelandic population, which already contains a predominant Cro-Magnid strain through the presence of the western Norwegian Trønder type of Viking descent. An aboriginal Brünn-like population has also merged with the Germanic settlement in the Frisian and northwestern German country, where its descendants take the form of an altered Hallstatt Nordid, a type referred to as Anglo-Saxon. This mixed strain has played an important role in determining England's present racial situation.

Parents should be able to use vigilante justice on doctors if they mess with their children without their knowledge and permission.

Remember Jessica Savitch PBS reporter? She made the video (((How Superbowl 50 was Rigged))) she was murdered (((gangland-style))) for this report. She gave her life for this report about the (((jewish MAFIA))). @WesZ28

@WesZ28 The NFL just doesn't get it. They allowed the inmates to take a knee every week which was tantamount to slapping every one of us in the face. Now, they're facing the consequences and they're crying like babies. Tough. They NFL has gotten too big for its own good and we the people, will bring them down. #BOYCOTTNFL

Sports fans were shocked over the weekend as NFL stadiums across the country were filled with vacant seats; a troubling indicator for the beleaguered league as Americans flee in droves following years of protests against the national anthem.

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