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BREAKING NEWS... a Palestinian terrorist trying to stab an Israeli Officer in Jerusalem today, luckily the officer managed to stop him, The media will never show you this so please spread it around.
The media is doing its best to make the Seth Rich story go away, but it seems to have a life of its own, possibly due to the fact that the accepted narrative about how Rich died makes no sense.

In its latest manifestation, it provides an alternative explanation for just how the information from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) computer somehow made its way to Wikileaks. If you believe that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide and that he was just a nasty pedophile rather than an Israeli intelligence agent, read no farther...

I have not lived a nightmare under Trump. The problem with Liberals like this twit, is she hasn't lived in fly-over country and knows what it was like for us under Obama. This President has been the best President so far.

Russia, Russia, Russia..... Oddly, since Bernie honeymooned in Russia, it could be more believable.

Praying Medic:

Julian Assange attends hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court in London


You ever notice —

Democrats lie about what they believe to get votes.

If that doesn't work, they get illegals to vote.

If that doesn't work, they cheat.

If that doesn't work, they just keep voting.

and If that doesn't work, they get a liberal judge to overturn the votes.

BILL CLINTON IMPEACHED ON DECEMBER 19, 1998 (DEMOCRATS TRYING FOR REVENGE ON TRUMP..Not only is tomorrow’s impeachment vote all about the crazy socialist Democrats

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