Awe. Marco's so happy to be on the right side of something right now. 😂

@Jellenne Hopefully, won't take much.

I hear morale is quite low in the Venezuelan forces.

Everyone knows Maduro is a bad dude. Even his own guys.

POTUS has done a good thing here. The Venezuelan people have truly been suffering.

Things have been improving for Venezuela's neighbors to the West and South West in recent years. Let's hope these positive trends can continue within the region.

Anyone else grow up in the golden years of MTV, remember this one? A classic!

Steve Perry - Oh Sherrie (Video)

Congratulations to @annvandersteel and her step son for graduating OCS @ Ft.Benning to become 2nd LT for the United States Army.

Thought for the day: Whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you!

Just tell him he can stay on Twitter and it's important but come here too
@RyanOlah @jp

:_mobile_: Happy Tuesday to you! Wishing everyone the best!

I mostly did and do Night clubs,just a few Live Radio feeds from nighclubs, in my area. Never raidio DJd, that's a different animal

That's Funny i still turn a few dico lights on too when I Jamm

I Have endless crates too since 1978, I just switched to digital less than 2 years ago, too old to carry all that stuff.

My neighbors still knock on my door aking me to turn it down

Ist scratched a record on My Emerson am/fm 8 track, Phono, player, before I knew about a cushion under it, i ruined all the B sides of my records lol

40 Years since I Pulled my 1st LP back !!!

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