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@MAGA45 here ya go. didn't want to use foul language in it. So maybe this will get everyone's attention.

@MAGA45 you da gal! I'm sick of these dang satanic pedophile globalists with their NWO agendas!

@MAGA45 @A_Digital_Soldier Took you a long time to figure that out, they started cult thing back in the 60's when they killed JFK. Johnson was in the Klan, but believe in the devil. KKK. has always been bout the devil no matter what there outside appearance. Had couple family member in it. When they found out they left it.

@MAGA45 my sentiments exactly. There are a lot of things we may know that most people should not see.

@MAGA45 exactly. From what I have been reading, the RBG m.i.a. was their big push on it. knowing that with her gone. Roe v/s Wade will get overturned. Looking like we will start seeing more of this from the left as they keep traveling down dead end roads.

@MAGA45 It really does appear to be what they are instead of the political leaders they are suppose to be.

Oh Geesh...

Michelle Obama Made A Surprise Appearance At The Grammys...

I would only know because of Notifications from the internet as it makes me sick to even think of seeing those people. I honestly could not name 1 movie coming out or recent releases.

🤢 🤮

@MAGA45 ticked off a Rothchild. Good job! 😁😁😁👍👍👍

@MAGA45 🤣 you know she was thinking, I'm gonna be poor? how can we be poor.... we got most of the money in the world.....

I would love to see a lot of those people go to being broke. Just to see how they tried to cope with the least lil things in life.

@JamesKin 👍Followed your lead! To Hell with TWITer!

@MAGA45 from the looks of that pic, she has been wasting her money on the wrong things. Beauty shop or hair salon maybe, just sayin...

I still laugh when I think of the day little Anna de Rothschild came after me on Twitter 😂 This is how it worked out for her. She really didn't like me sharing her pics in retaliation so she blocked me 🤣 😂

@A_Digital_Soldier Was it you that shared the Hillary manure spreader? I finally found this in my pictures. I wanted to share the other day.

I pulled this from a Russian News Paper 😂

Always better to decide a color change before we start painting, but at least we are early in the game 😜

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