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Happy Friday :_mobile_: obile :_mobile_: ilitia. Enjoy another day in the greatest administration this country has ever seen! RGB is out, Q is posting and you great patriots are here with me to see it all. Stay awesome! Be best.

STUNNING! CNN Asks Local TX KUSI Reporter for View on Border Wall — Declines Segment After Reporter Says the Wall Works

Via Wikileaks -
“Why did the U.S. State Department ship frozen penguin pineal glands from Argentina in 1973?” 🐧 👁 😈

@RyanOlah interesting considering everything else with adrenochrome

Hmm. WL tweets then deletes the link below 🤔 More info on the history of US - Syrian engagement. @MAGA45 this is along the same lines we were looking at last night.

@MAGA45 I can confirm that is true. Perhaps our largest group of followers are bikers. We participate in "Bike Nights" around Florida at HD dealerships and the table is always full all night long. I rode for 30 years so I am involved with the community. Great people for sure!

You know, @Standtallus post got me thinking. You know why SM really sucks? It isn't the censorship, it is more the fact that even if you aren't censored everyone there is trying to tear you down. In this group, everyone is awesome to each other and supportive. THAT is anti-Twitter right there! So stay positive and absolutely keep being awesome to each other and newcomers because that is what sets this place apart. Carry on Mobile Militia toot toot

@Jellenne Ha Ha, I never thought of it that way but makes sense. No one could be that counter productive and still be collecting a check.

@Standtallus I'm sure you're right he's just nuts, but what if it was true, and CNN was paying for it.
So great!

@Standtallus This is wonderful. I'm really looking forward to checking it out! Let us know how people can help.

I am sure I will need help collecting angels and warriors for the site so anyone who has connections with either is def welcome to connect. My goal is to honor fallen heroes and angel families with class and dignity. I would like to consider a way where we could link a gateway so if someone wanted to make a donation directly to the family of the fallen they could so directly as the site will not be collecting donations for itself. I will cover the cost of operations.

I did not get involved with helping our heroes for money, the money is irrelevent. I have run this organization for less money per year than most run theirs for a month. I have always had the best interest of our country at heart. I did this because I wanted to have a positive effect on the lives of those who make it possible for the rest of us to live free. I have seen first hand the suffering many of our vets have suffered, Missing limbs, psychological issues and more.

@Standtallus The world needs more folks like you Joe. Keep being awesome!

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