If you're triggered by someones hat, or T-shirt or anything else.
You need help.

What a day.
Sandmann interview.
MAGA hats are racissssst.
MSM fweelings hurt.
POTUS letter to Pelosi.
NYC murders babies-OK!
Venezuelas erupting.
Pelosi letter to POTUS
POTUS to press...she can't handle the truth.
Climate Change still stupid.
POTUS: Meh, SOTU later.

@MAGA45 That's all of us, I'm sure. There's usually a flurry of posting during the day. I try to keep the night buffer going as long as I can.

@MAGA45 someone's gotta ask NBC how they feel about that overpriced investment now?

Second Former Honduran Mayor Charged With Conspiring To Import Cocaine Into The United States And Related Firearms Offenses

πŸ˜† πŸ˜‚ 🀣 Whoever did this and shared it with the world, I love you! :maga1: πŸ‘Š

Potus just cancelled the State of the Union. This is a good thing imo. He will give it after deep state is destroyed.

@ShadowedShinobi Paying out more rope for looney shennanigans as well. They can't help themselves at this point it seems.

@ShadowedShinobi It certainly seems to be turning into one. Media stepped in it hard. Too easy or am I just overthinking? πŸ€” Time will tell

They keep making excuses for themselves. It's crazy

@ShadowedShinobi I live what most would consider "behind enemy lines" kinda place. The veil is wearing veeeery thin among all but the super fanatical (which are never gonna see reason anyhow)

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