Full video with Sidney Powell on Fox this morning :boxing:

Fox News, Sidney Powell Voter fraud Bombshell Dominion

Never before seen media etc are doing a coup by proclaiming dementia pedo with one leg in the grave, as a corrupt winner and he wants reconciliation too late 'Opponents are now and were / will remain your enemies' above all children

@MAGA45 @Rabbit1 He was president till Bush and the swamp advised him otherwise. The firm that did the recount of course were friends of the Bushes, go figure. Your about to see the red wave when Trump's team gets done with all the fraud created from the computer programs, Cheers!

@Rabbit1 I'm going to be jumping around to get ppl in here. They need a Safe Place for sure.

Have you seen anything from @Jellenne ?

My friend @InTheWind has signed up... A great Patriot! ❤️ 🎉

I hope everyone gets back here soon, but I know they are probably fighting a good fight still on Twatter

I used to have a # for him but my phone was stolen... 😏

I lost a lot of research also and passwords.

I have shared the link to a few groups in the last few days. Many going to Parler.

I heard Parler accounts are losing followers like Twitter.

I went to the Slack channel...no one has posted in a couple of months... I posted and Nobody but Q has waved. Not even @jp I hope he is okay. We haven't spoken in a while, but he did like some of my post not too long ago.

@MAGA45 oh that's right. Lol 🤣
Trump 2020 yeah

@MAGA45 how bout we get this 🇺🇲 mobile.co up and going strong again, 2024 around the corner :boxing:

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