Somebody else tell Jan to get on here. I tried three times already.

Great show, focused on gangtster rap, NWA, and social engineering.

Here’s a vid I put together in 2012. You’ll see YouTube has put their “Contrail” correction underneath. I recently changed the title from Chemtrails Over Philadelphia, to the more scientifically acceptable “Accidental Geo Engineering” Fuck they’re censorship!!! They’ve hidden this video from me, the creator of it. That’s me on the drum kit Band was called Solar Synergy. A very short lived project.

Of course, not surprised. The vaccine most responsible for vaccine injuries, the MMR.

I see many “republicans”, conservatives, & old school GOP loyalists continually make “pot” jokes about “Dems, libs, & hippies.” It’s time to get out of the “Just Say No” era.
Letting “liberals” own this issue politically while making lunkhead reefer madness style jokes is not only antiquated, it is strategically vacuous.
Watch this man with use oil for the first time & see the dramatic effects. You won’t make a pot joke again.

It would be great if we could upload vids like on YouTube. So we don’t have to support google’s monopoly and censorship. Is this a possibility? @jp

I’ve been trying to share periscope vids on here but it just won’t work. Any ideas? @jp

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