So happy to see our friend Curt getting a shoutout from POTUS!!!!

Think President Trump is exaggerating about the addiction problems in America?

I applaud everyone on, your passion, dedication toward the cause. It's overwhelming seeing so many posts, expressing what every American needs to see. Please keep it going, but a little music, sports talk, would be nice😀 Toot Toot

@LJ Had tornado warning wake us at 4:30 am. Thankfully, didn’t hit, but temp has dropped from almost 60 then to 30, & down in 20s tonight.

@patryn94 @Jellenne - Stage set. Once the dems reject it, a national emergency EO could be done without to much back lash...

@LJ - No POTUS Arrest will happen, that's low level opinion from viral disinformation...

POTUS hang in there 2 more days- After that, Trump has the right to pursue MANDATORY GOVERNMENT WORKFORCE REDUCTION. Bye, bye government workers forever.

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