Hi, have been away. Just wanted to say hi and to let anyone who is interested know that the Sealed Cases, believe them or not are up 6K in March, new total count is 88,350

@KathyMicale Good to see you capt. Glad to be here
Much love to you!

@EagerBeaver Glad you joined, once we get closer to 2020, most social media will be purged BIGLY. At least here we will be able to still communicate. So Welcome

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Tomorrow marks the 12th anniversary of Bob Levinson’s capture in . We renew our call on the Iranian regime to return Mr. Levinson to his family. We are determined to secure the release of all U.S. hostages and wrongful detainees, and will not rest until they are home.


So wrong.
Wrong “undocumented folks” receive the rights of citizens without the responsibility of citizenship.
Even more wrong & nefarious bc real reason for “driver’s license & ID cards” is likely to clear path for illegal voting #2020.
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So, @DanielBarron and @KathyMicale, and you too @jp, I'm hoping to build a little real conversation here, and about one of my top most favorite subjects...how we won 2016, and the moment I really knew - from the data! - that we had.

Here's one of my absolute favorite charts I drew up and published back then. If you'd be so kind as to respond, really in any way, I'd be so grateful.

I believe this kind of analysis will truly matter in 2020, again.

Your thoughts?

Just joined up.
Burns my brain learning new, but WTH


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