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Your Snake with the mustache -We now see Bolton’s true neocon turncoat colors. In Dante’s “Inferno,” there was a special circle in Hell for such the rest at

Kobe brought class, great talent, and excitement to his team. We at GrrrGraphics extend our condolences to Kobe Bryant’s family. -GrrrTeam post at

New Today- The Democrat Rash- it just WON'T GO AWAY! Is there no cure? Scratch Scratch!

funny post at

today- vs. Liz Feels the Bern
Nothing like a hot mic to reveal the truth about these mediocre Democrat candidates! funny post at

New 's A manufactured spectacle filled with partisan poison- Pelosi's drunken descent into Poisonous Partisanship will be remembered in American History forever! GrrrGreat post at

#WWG1WGA :merica: :snek: :merica:

Good morning Patriots!! I think we are about to see the show Q has told us to enjoy. The Senate Impeachment trial has the potential to be a massive discovery event for the sheeple.

If you watched the Watergate hearings, do not expect a Perry Mason event. However, there will be much to actively listen to and by all means, beware of MSM's conveyance of what went on. Yes, that is not exactly new advice but there well an all out effort as stated in multiple Qdrops.

If you have been following my decodes of late, the darkness duration numbers will make sense to you.

Your Bonus ! Is off the hook? When will the DOJ get "hungry" enough to End Two Tier Justice- The ball is in 's court! Post at

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