the Beatable Beta Robert Francis O'Rourke is in for He's young and very "shiny" Vote for him or your gonna all die!!! Read GrrrGreat Post at

Happy St. Patrick's Day Mobile friends! We have a message from Ben! Please watch video! Thank you

Bonus -
Update: The New Zealand shooter was a Far Left radical who committed his murders to frame conservatives and attack the United States.
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Our BIG News announced today on "Tore Says" Red State Radio! The New Book-Finally! presents Ben Garrison's Big Book of Editorial ! Pre order your signed copy today and

Off Topic- We saw some cougar tracks along the road leading to our house. A cougar has been spotted nearby and I think it has been feeding on wild turkeys, which are abundant. I took this photo today and also did a rough measurement of the stride--it looked like about two feet or so. There's no way this track was made by a dog. I'd like to be able to take a photo of the cat--just not too close!

When EVERYDAY is National Napping Day!
Wake up Ruthie! (unless it's the big sleep)

New Rejoice! We banned "plastic straws" Sh*thole Many liberal-run cities on the west coast are now centers of squalor.

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Are we ready to add to this rag tag bunch?
The Democrats will not win the presidency with their promises of ‘free stuff.’ Thinking people know it leads to destruction.

New @AOC As The Worm Turns- her wormy outspokenness against Amazon bringing thousands of jobs to New York caused Bezos to lose his appetite for the Big Apple. Post at

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