The Stagecoach Robbers! Wells Fargo was ordered by the U.S. Justice Department and the SEC to pay a $3 billion fine after a four-year investigation. more at

BOOM🇺🇸💥Swamp Draining in Progress! Trump's gift to the American People- Clean sweep of Obama holdovers! super post at

The Democrats' very bad, RUFF week- and it keeps getting worse! New Trump the 😜funny post with a long list of Dem fails! epic fail

Traitor the backstabber!

Mitt Romney is with Treasonous Dems- Trump will be Acquitted! Romney will NEVER be re-elected

cartoon HQ at

new petty hissy fit in front of the world! "He who claps last, claps best!" at ya Nans!
@realDonaldTrump ! funny post at She broke the law! U.S. Code 2071

2020 It's Groundhog Day. Again. 🤣Will Hillary see her shadow and run for president a third time?
Hillary casts a long, cold shadow of corruption. new post at

New "The Fan hits the Schiff"
Democrat House ’trial manager,’ Adam Schiff, is a disgrace to our nation.
The trial needs to end. TODAY! Acquit President Trump! read the post at

New - The Democrat’s barnyard stinks. They have been pigs at a trough of corruption for too long.

We’ve learned that even John Bolton stuffed $115,000 into his pockets thanks to a Ukrainian steel oligarch.

great post at

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