NOW WE KNOW WHY CHUCK’S CRYING You missing something? NEW for your sends snarky letter- Trump sends his "re-butt-al" Funny post with Trump's letter at

New for today! @MyPillowUSA ! Mike Lindell steps up to protect our country, Leftists lose their minds. Tina's post at

The Plannedemic New Don't trust Bill Gate's Plan!
Step 4, blame Trump- Make sure there is no step 5!
great Ben Post at

for your ! Pelosi is Denying CASH PAYMENTS to the American People BUT the bill includes $25,000,000 for The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts😡 💰💰 For NPR-- Great Post at

Beware the Deep State In A Crisis! BONUS for your Old Saying: “Give them an inch and they will take a mile.” Great Ben Rant at

Are you gonna turn off the FEAR CHANNEL? New for your quarantined We are Americans. We will survive this just like we have survived every crisis.

The Fear Parade- Panic is worthless and can only lead to tyranny 👉 “YOU NEVER LET A SERIOUS CRISIS GO TO WASTE….IT’S AN OPPORTUNITY TO DO THINGS YOU THINK YOU COULD NOT DO BEFORE.” — RAHM EMANUEL Great post at

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