Jerry Nadler House Rep appears to have dementia and regressed back to the Nixon/Watergate Trial!

Clint Eastwood's talking to an empty chair was a JOKE but Nadler took it as real TWICE NOW! Mental Meltdown?

I think President Trump should "RECLAIM" his time and take back the first 2 years of his presidency that the DEMS have robbed him of!

WHO is Michael Nadler????? (I know but do you?) Father & Son, perhaps CONFLICT OF INTEREST INTREST CONGRESS?

Are DEMS in the House of Congress so dumb they have a bunch of lawyers to ask questions of Barr for them? Need to vote them all OUT and get some intelligent people who actually can do the job themselves! Cut their pay since they can't do the job! If we wanted all lawyers, we would have designate Congress as all lawyers!!

Green New Deal means no more tires for bikes or cars, or belts for motors! Think about it!

All Electronics use Petroleum! That means no more electronics if we have the Green New Deal! Think about it!

Jimmie boy Acost@ whining about Brazil President with Trump calling them FAKE NEWS! Besides their polls stating Hillary will win 2016, anyone else remember (to share) any other fakeness they spread to the American people? Let's show all of it!

WOW FB won't allow me to post or answer anyone, keeps saying try again later! I think it is burning down! LOL

AS USUAL our GOV wasted OUR TAX MONEY on a Special Council of which NOW they do not agree & will do their own investigation!

@jp is there a way to delete old Direct messages?

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This Cohen comedy is great for the DEMS and the FIRE PIT they love to live in! They are pretty heated now! Soon will be totally "COOKED" Thus no more Democrat Party!

For all who know Bill Mitchell, his mother passed away. Prayers are needed for him and family to have strength!

Join me if you have a Twitter or FB or any other Social Media,,,EVERY DAY I do a simple post (sometimes several times a day) I'M PRO AMERICA! That is all I type and share, or tweet, or even here I have hit that toot button! My aim is to get as many people to show we LOVE OUR COUNTRY!

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