Joe Bidens drink of choice...he is so wrapped up in it that he forgets he is a public figure...

Live in 2.5 Hours.
TCC Prays for Brother John as Weaponized Airliners Result In Hillary's Incarceration
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Boeing's Issues Laid At Obama's Feet In Chicago-Huerta Matrix as $315B Lawsuit to be Announced in Zurich sept 11, 2019

Sniff Sniff New "Like Father, Like Son"
Two fools for April Fools! Creepy Uncle Joe is well known for his fondling, cuddling, and hair sniffing...more at the
grrrgreat post at

Screaming Eagle of Justice and Truth Descends On Deep State Traitors
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Off Topic- We saw some cougar tracks along the road leading to our house. A cougar has been spotted nearby and I think it has been feeding on wild turkeys, which are abundant. I took this photo today and also did a rough measurement of the stride--it looked like about two feet or so. There's no way this track was made by a dog. I'd like to be able to take a photo of the cat--just not too close!

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We had tech issues today and the first link was cut after 8 min. Full show link is here.

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