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WARNING GRAPHIC! This is why we need the bill Congress will be voting on "The Born Alive Protection Act". It is also very disturbing what they do with aborted baby parts. Abortion is wrong and this video shows the real reason it's promoted. It's NOT about a woman's choice!

Republicans announcing a new bill to protect babies born alive from abortion! πŸ‘

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Trump is fixing to make a statement in a few minutes apparently about the speech last night. I saw some of his cabinet member's standing there waiting on him. Hmmm any guesses on what he is going to announce?? πŸ€” :maga:

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Assault weapons ban push tests Dem support

( More evidence of there evil Communists brain cells invected ) !!

Hahaha ABC news poll says 76% approved SOTU speech and over 70% approved his immigration reform :maga1:

That look you get when the President declares "WE WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY "

Chuck Schumer is a ass. Here is what he said coming out of speech. He is a true demonrat 🀒

I am scanning Twitter over the speech and found MSNBC interviewing socialist AOC. Here is link to my response :maga1:

This is what came to mind when I saw all the DEMS wearing white

Awesome SOTU speech! Here is a great response towards Stacey Abrams Democratic response

Proof MK Ultra was used in assassination attempt on POTUS and the fentanyl bust connected.

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