Tooted, boosted 😂 LOVE the terminology here! Cristie tooted while boosting Mike 😜 😍

@Cristie4GodUsa We have a blast on there at times, We get serious as well, but like on Friday Nights. we do a DJ Party. Pretty cool.

@A_Digital_Soldier So far I love all I have seen and read! Awesome & informative. Refreshing to be around like minded patriots 😉

@Cristie4GodUsa Absolutely ! with no censorship, no ads, & no shadowbanning.


@A_Digital_Soldier Yes it's fantastic! My 1st day and I am already loving the freedom to speak my mind, share thing's without triggering :laughingtrump:

@Cristie4GodUsa Yes, We now have a place where everyone can see what we are saying, have debates or conversations about said subject. Very comforting knowing we have a place to express free speech with no backlash from the creators. Truly a great place.

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