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Otherwise, the landowners must be willing to succumb to the fact that the weeds are now in control of their garden, their land and their future. (EOT)

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likely outcome if the landowner does not do a diligent job in keeping the gardener in check. If it ever gets to this point, then the only hope for the landowners is to hope that their are enough of them still around who are willing to do what it takes to rid the garden of the weeds and rebuild the soil foundation and start all over again - hopefully having learned from their mistakes. (13)

and useless place incapable of producing anything of value, use, or beauty. It will become so bad, that the landowner will start to see occupants of the land fleeing in droves because the value & disagreeableness of the land no longer makes it desirable. Once the weeds have taken full control of the land and there is nothing left of productive value, even the vermin will abandon the land to go look for greener pastures. This is the worst case scenario but unfortunately, it is also the most (12)

is where the landowner must take responsibility for the condition of his or her own land and remove the corrupt gardener despite the emotional outpours of the other gardeners and landowners. If these weeds are allowed to continue growing and destroying unabated, it will just be a matter of time before the landscape has been so radically changed that not only will be it be unrecognizable, it will be flat out dangerous for the landowner to go out and enjoy. The garden will become an ugly ....(11)

…. which will add to the diversity of the garden. The problem with this is that most weeds are aggressive and most land owners cannot distinguish between the aggressive and non-aggressive varieties and if they mention the fact that a weed may be of the aggressive variety, the gardeners will accuse them of being a botonophobe (real word - look it up). And of course, the outcries from the other gardeners and brainwashed landowners will begin. This is verging on the point-of-no-return. This (10)

Next, I would slowly start to let some of the weeds in. Remember what I said about weeds? Surely no responsible and caring land owners would stand by while the gardener allows weeds to take over, would they? Well they would if the gardeners had successfully convinced the landowners that these are non-aggressive weeds that will not harm the garden but rather beautify it in their own way - some weeds even produce beautiful flowers …. (9)

If the landowners question this, I would simply play on their emotions and say "Well, vermin needs to eat too - do you want to be viewed as the land owner who is responsible for starving them to death?" and sure enough, as outcries grow from other landowners, my landowner would start to cave without taking into consideration all of the other problems that are introduced by vermin. Problems such as the introduction of new diseases that may spread to the native inhabitants of the land. (8)

change the look and production of the garden, but is also hell-bent on changing the complete ideological landscape of the land itself? Now if I were such a corrupt gardener, I would slowly and patiently wait for the land owner to become complacent in his or her duties and responsibilities to check on the state of the garden. I would then begin allowing vermin into the garden to start sucking off of the productivity of the garden which would in turn create less abundance for the land owners. (7)

should produce? The garden can begin to take on a very different look from the original vision and not at all represent what the original landowners had desired when they expressed their vision to the gardeners when the original plans were developed. But an even worse scenario is possible. What if the gardener not only has a different vision for the garden but is also diametrically opposed to the underlying ideological principles of the land owners and is willing, at all cost, to not only (6)

vision of how the garden is to look and what it should produce, then the results will be magnificent. The garden will flourish and become incredibly beautiful and productive. So much so, that other garden owners will want to replicate it within their own lands. But what happens if the land owners hire poorly educated and unqualified gardeners to care for their land, or even worse, gardeners who do not share the owners vision of what type of garden is desired or how it should look and what it(5)

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