Can anyone say "Nationalismphobia"?

Notre Dame Cathedral fire spurs Islamophobic conspiracy theories on social media

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Ilhan Omar is a disgrace to our Republic, she should be removed from office period...

The single-sentence Russia bombshell that Attorney General Barr delivered to Congress

Barr told Congress he will investigate how the FBI came to conduct a counterintelligence investigation against Trump in 2016.

Key statement made by Mark Napier, Sheriff of Pima county in this clip - "dishonest with malice" is absolutely correct. Let that sink in!

Check out @robjh1’s Tweet:

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“Meet the Bidens”
In this classic episode...
Creepy Joe’s son Hunter, has an affair with his brother’s widow, then leaves his wife & kids and moves in with his brothers wife & kids!
But Go-Go Hunter won’t let that distract him from indulging in 'drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs and [buying] gifts for women with whom he had sexual relations'!
All on this weeks ZANY episode of...
“Meet the Bidens”! Same Grope Time! Same Grope Channel!

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I'm uploading this here because Jack doesn't like it on his shitty platform. All credit goes to @Solmemes This is a good one. Fair lead in to even. Save and spread friends.

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Would this be considered racist white nationalist music by the left?

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LOL! OK, So is a white supremacist now! His parents would be so confused.
Wait . . . I@THEHermanCain@twitter.comremacist now? That's a new one!

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Good afternoon everyone! Hope your Friday is going great!

Remember tonight at 9pmEST it's
💃🏽 🎶 🕺🏽

See our growing collection of memes at

See our growing collection of memes at

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perform ‘s
“And yes, what we’re playing in the video and what you’re hearing is real. No backtracks or overlays. We hope you enjoy listening/watching as much as we enjoy playing!“

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