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New Meme Take 2......
Take your pick on whichever you like. Didn't realize I made the HELL AWAITS move in the first one, thought it had it hovering the tree.

From: James O'Keefe
@JamesOKeefeIII on Tw!tter

BREAKING: YOUTUBE/GOOGLE HAS REMOVED OUR GOOGLE INVESTIGATION as it was approaching 50K likes and a million views. IMPORTANT: Please download it on @bitchute and repost it.

"In Your Wildest Memes.."
@Solmemes1 @CarpeDonktum @mad_liberals @TheGeekzTeam @som3thingwicked @ThuglifeNewshit @BGProductions @tt_cube Great post at

I like this much better than the previous guy with his feet up on the resolute desk.

OAN News reporting that Kerry & former Obama officials are using shadow diplomacy with Iran. In violation of the Logan Act.

Happy Fathers Day ! Hope all the Dads have a Great & Wonderful day !

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