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Why Mobile Marketing is Important in 2017

Waking up to countless texts and notifications about crazy sales, discounts, exhibitions, giveaways, events, concerts, upcoming seminar and conferences is a part of everyone’s life. Customers these days love using cell phones and staying updated about trends and happenings around them. The new era of mobile marketing has gradually evolved and taken over the traditional marketing tools. Every year we are provided with updated and modern solutions regardless of the field or business we are in. Those who are early adopters usually achieve edge over competitors whereas those organizations which are lagging behind don’t get enough opportunities.

Whether it’s a recent startup or well-reputed organization, selling stuff and pleasing your customers via mobile marketing is an amazing opportunity to initiate meaningful dialogue about products and market them amongst the target audience as well as customers.

Primarily, Desktop experience was emphasized much by the businesses but the mobile trend has gained much popularity in 2016. Displaying content on mobile will play a great role in crafting success of a number of brand campaigns. As per the recent studies by HubSpots report, mobile commerce will continue to grow to 24.4% by the end of 2017. Optimization of mobile and developing a fool-proof yet flawless mobile marketing strategy can surely take your business to new heights. Coming across the recent stats, you will figure out the budding influence that mobile marketing has on various businesses.

1) It is a widely known fact that around 80% of web users possess Smartphone. The number of Smartphone users is increasing day by day since they are turning cheaper yet affordable across the globe. If you wish to take your business to new dimensions, make sure not to ignore the mobile customers at any cost because every customers counts!

2) In this super-smart and tech savvy world, people owning smart phones download numerous apps and use them in their free time. Businesses should consider developing apps that are user-friendly to promote their brand and products successfully as well as tapping the audience with in-app advertisements and notification buzzes.



3) In the year of 2016, mobile ad spending will grow up to an estimate of almost $70 billion globally.

4) So when you come across a new word or want to search about a specific thing, the most common search we carry is through our mobile without the hassle of turning on the laptop. Around 48% people use their mobile for searching stuff and surfing web. In order to provide a great user-experience to your customers, you need to revamp your business website by turning it mobile-friendly.  The graphics, layout content and above all the appearance of your website on consumer’s mobile screen should be attractive enough.

5) The use of mobile nowadays is not just confined to making calls only. Creatively written and enticingly designed emails grab much attentions rather than boring and dry things wrapped up formally.

Last but not the least, let’s welcome 2017 with an interesting and exceptional technology specifically utilizing the ‘smartphone” tool to conquer the marketing world.