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Facebook Doubles Down Against YouTube With 8-Billion Video Views


Video viewership on Facebook is growing exponentially with average daily views hitting the eight-billion mark, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s delivery of the Q3 2015 report to shareholders. That number is purportedly based on 500-million users viewing multiple videos per month. What is staggering, is the fact that that number has doubled since April 2015.

The catch is that this viewership number is based on a three-second viewing metric. But, according to specialists in the field, it’s enough to grab advertiser dollars toward the digital market and away from television. It’s basically a window into the future of what video viewership will become for Facebook as it continues to carve out a bigger share for itself. Facebook’s doubled viewership poses a big threat to competitive platforms like YouTube because its numbers are a big draw for advertisers.

As a Facebook user myself, I know that I can accidentally click on video ads and quickly get out, but I do catch glimpses of those ads. It’s obvious to me that Facebook wants that to happen. While some views may be unintentional, it still contributes to the three-second metric reported in the market.

Advertisers are likely to be convinced to adjust clients’ advertising budgets toward more digital Facebook ads based on this information. What this means to you and I is that we all should have bought Facebook stock.

To compound matters even more, Facebook has been experimenting with video for the last two years, in an attempt to understand what kind of content best grabs user attention. Between knowing what is most attractive to users and the collected data from Facebook user “likes” over the last several years, Facebook now knows its users better than users know themselves.

That’s where Friendly Discovery comes in. Facebook is using its social networking site to test the video-feed viewing behavior of users through several different methods. One way is by leading captive users to click on videos while scrolling through their timelines and news feed.

Facebook has already tested various kinds of videos to determine which content attracts the most viewers. Because they have already collected massive amounts of information on user likes, they’re now testing a “Suggested User” interface via mobile and web feed. This gives Facebook a huge advantage in how to strategize for the biggest advertising dollars.