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Why Mobile Marketing is Important in 2017

Waking up to countless texts and notifications about crazy sales, discounts, exhibitions, giveaways, events, concerts, upcoming seminar and conferences is a part of everyone’s life. Customers these days love using cell phones and staying updated about trends and happenings around them. The new era of mobile marketing has gradually evolved and taken over the traditional marketing tools. Every year we are provided with updated and modern solutions regardless of the field or business we are in. Those who are early adopters usually achieve edge over competitors whereas those organizations which are lagging behind don’t get enough opportunities.

Whether it’s a recent startup or well-reputed organization, selling stuff and pleasing your customers via mobile marketing is an amazing opportunity to initiate meaningful dialogue about products and market them amongst the target audience as well as customers.

Primarily, Desktop experience was emphasized much by the businesses but the mobile trend has gained much popularity in 2016. Displaying content on mobile will play a great role in crafting success of a number of brand campaigns. As per the recent studies by HubSpots report, mobile commerce will continue to grow to 24.4% by the end of 2017. Optimization of mobile and developing a fool-proof yet flawless mobile marketing strategy can surely take your business to new heights. Coming across the recent stats, you will figure out the budding influence that mobile marketing has on various businesses.

1) It is a widely known fact that around 80% of web users possess Smartphone. The number of Smartphone users is increasing day by day since they are turning cheaper yet affordable across the globe. If you wish to take your business to new dimensions, make sure not to ignore the mobile customers at any cost because every customers counts!

2) In this super-smart and tech savvy world, people owning smart phones download numerous apps and use them in their free time. Businesses should consider developing apps that are user-friendly to promote their brand and products successfully as well as tapping the audience with in-app advertisements and notification buzzes.



3) In the year of 2016, mobile ad spending will grow up to an estimate of almost $70 billion globally.

4) So when you come across a new word or want to search about a specific thing, the most common search we carry is through our mobile without the hassle of turning on the laptop. Around 48% people use their mobile for searching stuff and surfing web. In order to provide a great user-experience to your customers, you need to revamp your business website by turning it mobile-friendly.  The graphics, layout content and above all the appearance of your website on consumer’s mobile screen should be attractive enough.

5) The use of mobile nowadays is not just confined to making calls only. Creatively written and enticingly designed emails grab much attentions rather than boring and dry things wrapped up formally.

Last but not the least, let’s welcome 2017 with an interesting and exceptional technology specifically utilizing the ‘smartphone” tool to conquer the marketing world.

The Importance of Mobile for You and Your Tech Startup

Gone are the times when people relied on printed brochures and newsletters for marketing purpose? In this tech-savvy era, any message can be communicated effectively through the super fast and simple way of mobile marketing.

Who doesn’t hold a Smartphone these days? All of us certainly own one and make use of it for making calls, checking mails, instant messaging, browsing internet and much more. Even while scrolling through our newsfeed, we usually come across dozens of posts on Facebook, twitter and instagram demanding our attention. In this competitive battle of likes, comments and countless shares on social media, the conventional marketing approaches are fading away and no more in use.

No matter what product or service you are selling or offering, the use of mobile as a tool to reach customers on personalized basis is integral to future success for every business.

Accelerate Engagement

In present era, satisfying online customers is quite challenging and you need to plan out such strategy that they must feel like they are making a best buying decision each time they visit your website. Well, this comprises of a mindfully ministered online presence along with placing original and real content to represent your brand and products. The real strength of Smartphone is connecting the digital and physical yet the rest is to be managed by the business. For instance, Snapchat is one-popular example of global success that utilizes technology to outreach and interact with people on a personal level.

Gather a troop of influencers

Businesses nowadays need to work upon the strategy to understand their audience and consumers with the wondrous tool of technology. Gather around a troop of influencers and ambassadors that will eagerly share your photos, videos and spread a positive word of mouth on behalf of your organization. It can do wonders to your business than your very own marketing team.

Going an extra mile with constant smile

Chatterbots are wonderful, aren’t they? Buzzing with loads of fame and popularity, Chatbots are known for connecting the two worlds flawlessly, offering customized responses to the queries in a speedy and efficient manner as compared to human beings. Customer is the king is one golden rule that every business is bound to follow. Business really need to pool in money specifically to enhance customer service and user-centric technology to develop outstanding online support. The successful shift to mobile specifically smart phones has almost ended and the businesses that are still relying on conventional methods and techniques of marketing might fail or face huge losses.

Mobile as a platform

Short and simple, that’s how consumers like it! Knowing the fact that consumers/audience the attention span of the browser is so brief and the space so crowded, conveying brand message in the simplest and inspiring manner should be the aim. Show the world what unique products/services you can offer and turn your webpage much attractive.  The key element to gain loyal customers revolves around answering key questions along with fuss-free and consistent customer support.

Millenials & Gen ZS Consider “Democratic Socialism” Over Capitalism

If you were to peer into the crowd of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, you’d find a large majority of college-educated millennials and gen Zs listening intently. The Vermont senator is attracting an intelligent crowd, like the students he spoke to last week at Georgetown University. These students are eager to understand the meaning of Sander’s “democratic socialism.” A concept their own parents would want no part of, because most of them, come from the school of diehard American capitalism. While most baby boomers and gen Xers are conditioned to embrace the American capitalistic dream, it’s allure has waned for younger Americans. Between the cost of higher education, college debt and the changing global business climate, everything has changed for American youth.

My own 18-year-old daughter told me she supports Sanders ideals. She is a bright young academic freshmen now attending the University of California at Santa Barbara. Nobody told her which candidate to support, but she listened to him speak and liked what he said. Young adults in college don’t know a lot about politics, but they do know how much it costs to live and attend college, leaving many in debt.

Research supports this fact. YouGov found that 26 percent of respondents between the ages of 18-39 support the socialistic concept. Only 15 percent of people over the age of 65 have a favorable opinion of socialism. In addition, the Pew Research Center found that almost 50 percent of people between the ages of 18-49 have a favorable view of socialism.

According to a recent story by All Things Considered, many students at George Mason University in Northern Virginia, were questioned by NPR, as to whether they were for or against socialism. According to the story, the views were mixed, but many said they liked the theoretical idea of socialism, but don’t believe that it translates into practice. Some students expressed that they had too little experience in life to have an opinion. However, most students were openly interested in knowing more about socialism.

Accordshutterstock_317925080ing to Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, there are obvious reasons for the current social divide between younger and older Americans, one is historical and the other economic. According to an interview b
etween NPR and Kawashima-Ginsberg, Director of the Center for Information & Research On Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University, “Older millennials that graduated from college or got into the workforce in the late 2000s, really had a hard time believing in American dreams and capitalism.” She reinforced the fact that millennials are not as keen on capitalism as their parents. College graduates and the younger generation are not succeeding in the same way as their parents did at their age. The last recession and changing economic factors account for most of the blame. It’s difficult for established hard-working baby boomers to get home loans today and nearly impossible for many millennials, who generally earn less and also carry a lot of college debt. The proof is in the pudding.

Kawashima-Ginsberg also referred to history and geopolitics as culprit. “When young people think about socialism, or hear that term, the first thing they think about are Scandinavian countries, like Sweden and Norway, where people seem to be quite happy and people seem to be pretty well supported,” she observed. Older generations have recollections of the Soviet Union’s failed regime and reject socialism.

It was also noted, that millennial philosophy differs among men, women and older and younger millennials. “There’s a big diversity within the millennial generation about what they believe in, who they might support, and how they might vote, but also by gender and race,” according to Kawashima-Ginsberg.

Most see that the world is changing and getting smaller and smaller, due to internet connectivity, the technological revolution and the explosion of mobile device use globally. All of these factors are pushing business toward a new dimension.

College grads will not have the same work structure or benefits as their parents before them. But, these changes do offer exciting opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs.

That is exactly what Mobile Corporation CEO Jeffrey Peterson thought. Build it and they will come to the brand. He knew that the freelance revolution was coming and that it was aimed dead center at the millennial and generation Z demographics. is the wave of the future. It is the marketplace of today, for independent people following their own dream. Anyone can start their own business, by using one mobile device and their skills, whenever they want, based on their own terms.

Facebook Doubles Down Against YouTube With 8-Billion Video Views


Video viewership on Facebook is growing exponentially with average daily views hitting the eight-billion mark, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s delivery of the Q3 2015 report to shareholders. That number is purportedly based on 500-million users viewing multiple videos per month. What is staggering, is the fact that that number has doubled since April 2015.

The catch is that this viewership number is based on a three-second viewing metric. But, according to specialists in the field, it’s enough to grab advertiser dollars toward the digital market and away from television. It’s basically a window into the future of what video viewership will become for Facebook as it continues to carve out a bigger share for itself. Facebook’s doubled viewership poses a big threat to competitive platforms like YouTube because its numbers are a big draw for advertisers.

As a Facebook user myself, I know that I can accidentally click on video ads and quickly get out, but I do catch glimpses of those ads. It’s obvious to me that Facebook wants that to happen. While some views may be unintentional, it still contributes to the three-second metric reported in the market.

Advertisers are likely to be convinced to adjust clients’ advertising budgets toward more digital Facebook ads based on this information. What this means to you and I is that we all should have bought Facebook stock.

To compound matters even more, Facebook has been experimenting with video for the last two years, in an attempt to understand what kind of content best grabs user attention. Between knowing what is most attractive to users and the collected data from Facebook user “likes” over the last several years, Facebook now knows its users better than users know themselves.

That’s where Friendly Discovery comes in. Facebook is using its social networking site to test the video-feed viewing behavior of users through several different methods. One way is by leading captive users to click on videos while scrolling through their timelines and news feed.

Facebook has already tested various kinds of videos to determine which content attracts the most viewers. Because they have already collected massive amounts of information on user likes, they’re now testing a “Suggested User” interface via mobile and web feed. This gives Facebook a huge advantage in how to strategize for the biggest advertising dollars.

YouTube To Challenge Copyright Laws by Defending Video Creators


YouTube announced today a $1 million legal cost initiative, to combat the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s (DMCA) “Fair Use” takedown requests, but only for very specific cases relating to “Fair Use”, based on YouTube’s chosen legal criteria.

YouTube is promising specific video creators a legal fund of up to $1 million in select cases of “Fair Use”, resulting from copyright-infringement-related takedown notices. These funds will allow creators to fight a legal battle they could otherwise not afford. According to YouTube, videos in question, will remain on the site throughout the legal process.

Perhaps YouTube wants to create legal precedence of its own though these select creators? If so, that is fair game when it comes to big business. However, it’s the little guys that need protecting here.

In this day and age, everyone and their mother are creating unique videos and posting them to sites like YouTube. What they don’t understand, is that when they include popular music, they are likely violating the DMCA. Every song that you hear on the radio, Spotify, Apple Music Store or Pandora, was written and produced by other people. Those people spent a lot of time and money in the process and they deserve protection under the law.

According to the laws of the United States and similar laws around the world, you cannot randomly use songs and copyrighted intellectual property without first getting permission or without paying for its use. If you do want to use the material, make sure to call a company like Music Resources, of Hollywood, CA to do that for you. Nancie Stern is an expert in the field and can advise you as to whether you are violating copyright laws.

The problem plaguing YouTube video creators, is the fact that they don’t do that. YouTube wants to protect video creators, because video creators make money for YouTube, via advertisers. Plus, the public loves watching their viral videos.

“Fair Use rules are very specific and limited in scope. If you want to use someone’s intellectual property, then you have to get it properly cleared by a music licensing professional,” said Stern.

An example of an artist who set precedent on this rule, is Weird Al Yankovic. He fought this legal battle in court. His work is considered to be a good legal example of “Fair Use.” It’s not enough that he changes the lyrics of the songs, replays them with his own band, and is spoofing the song itself, but many different issues all at once. So, based on the fact that his spoof songs pass as “Fair Use”, he does not need permission to use an artist’s music, as long as he stays within the boundaries of what’s legally acceptable.

YouTube has an entire section on its site dedicated to copyright infringement rules, but sadly, most people either don’t read it or just don’t care. As a result, takedown requests are rampant, as many take advantage of the technology revolution. Video creation is also a greatly sought out skill, provided by individuals and freelancers globally. This art is a business for everyone involved.

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