About Us

MobileCorp-New-Red-140710  Mobile Corporation makes the world more productive.

Work the way you want. With Mobile, you can work from anywhere, and earn your income, while doing the jobs you want to do, your way. Join the Mobile lifestyle and realize what freedom to do things your way really means.

Build the technology projects of your dreams, even if you are not technical. With Mobile, you can discover the booming new Global Mobile workforce and use it to build the technology projects of your dreams, at lower costs and in ways that were not possible in previous or even recent years. Mobile is quickly changing everything about technology, and will continue to reshape previous concepts of how technology projects are done.

We are dedicated to every Mobile worker and Mobile client’s success…with complete focus on work discipline and excellence.

MobileCorp-New-Red-140710  Curious? Keep reading…

Work ONLINE and get PAID FOR IT! We offer ONLINE WORKERS all over the world a place where they can find work and make money using their mobile devices. It doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are, what your education is, what language you speak or what type of knowledge-based skill you have. With Mobile Corp, workers can connect with employers to do work and make money and employers can find the workers they want, to do the work that they need done. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Guess what! IT IS!!

FREEDOM! You really CAN work from anywhere! The Office has finally left the building! No more TIME WASTED getting to and from work. No more crowded commuter trains, no jammed up freeway rush-hours, no more long bus rides and multiple transfers, no more house-hunting based on distance to work, no more lost quality time with your family and children. Simply do work based on YOUR schedule, the way YOU want to and make money doing it!

NO JOBS? No ‘traditional’, go-into-an-office jobs in your town or city? Looking for work? Now you can do work for anyone just about anywhere in the world and GET PAID FOR IT using your mobile devices! On YOUR schedule, YOUR time frame. Work the way YOU want to. This just isn’t a ‘tech’ thing anymore. Just about any job that requires a knowledge-skill can be done online!

IT REALLY WORKS! Who can benefit? Anyone who is looking to make money online using their mobile devices and also employers who are looking for that type of worker can benefit. We help small mom & pop stores who are in larger economies compete with larger companies and the big-box chains by enabling them to connect to workers that can do their web design, graphic design and mobile app development on a scale they can afford.

Our goal is to help create a global online community that is economically productive and made up of people just like you who want to make money using their mobile devices! Mobile Corp is not just for the workers of the new millennium, but it is for anyone and everyone, of any age, anywhere, regardless of prior work experience or skill-set, who is looking to be part of the online workforce. This is the way work will be done from now on!

Join us. Let’s get started.

MobileCorp-New-Red-140710 Who is Mobile Corp?

Founded by a group of seasoned Internet entrepreneurs and experienced corporate personalities, Mobile Corp is the next step in his vision to combine two of the strongest growing forces in the global economy: The ongoing drive to find qualified contingency workers and the massive rise of mobile technology.

Our founder, Jeffrey Peterson, created the first Spanish-language social networking site with Quepasa.com during the first big ‘dot com’ era. The experience gained through his association with Quepasa revealed that there was a large untapped market of motivated tech workers in countries like Mexico and the Philippines who were highly qualified and ready to work.

He saw the massive increase in mobile technology adoption and worked to design proprietary patents that would allow mobile-device users to monitor and approve work done by knowledge workers no matter where they were located. Mobile.co was born. Mobile.co is constantly looking for ways to use the muscle of the free market to create jobs and fulfill needs globally.

After a lifetime working with technology, he realized that many of the best ideas for new business come from entrepreneurs who may not have the technical experience or the necessary financial backing in the early stages of their ideas to hire technical co-founders. This is where Mobile.co takes steps to bridge non technical entrepreneurs with the necessary technical talent at competitive hourly rates, to build early stage prototypes or working models of technical projects in a way that is fast, efficient, inexpensive and Mobile.