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Now may be the best time to consider freelancing your hard-earned skills.

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Social media has become a news reader for many users. Users are using everything from Whatsapp to Twitter’s new Periscope app to gather news and stay informed about the world. According to data aggregated by eMarketer, Facebook still holds the most allure as a social news source, especially among millennials.

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Enterprise mobile applications – like enterprise cloud applications a decade before – are poised to become a $100 billion market opportunity. I’ve..

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Full details are expected at the Google I/O in May.

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For every mobile phone or tablet, there are probably 10 accessories that you might want to use. Here's a look at some that you might find useful.

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The era of stable lifetime jobs for business professionals within a single company are gone. Companies are rightsized quickly now as markets change rapidly, and business professionals are quick to jump to new opportunities for growth and survival, with no ties to special benefits or pension plans. Thus smart business [...]

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Apple could be preparing to launch a new Retina MacBook Air with just two ports and a slimmed-down chassis at today's Apple Watch event. Here, we explore rumours about Apple's MacBook Air, and the latest Retina MacBook Air release date speculation.

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More than eight in ten of the people who became self-employed in the final three months of last year were women, according to official labour market figures.
In fact, out of the 88,000 people who began working for themselves between October and December 2014, about 77,000 of them are female, found the Office of National Statistics.
Freelancers’ trade body IPSE yesterday welcomed the growth in self-employment, which is 2% up on the same period in 2013, but recognises that i...

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