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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: release date, news and rumors | Samsung's phablet is due an update and we've got some advice for the company to help improve upon the Galaxy Note 4. Buying advice from the leading technology site

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Intrepid 24/7, a global medical, security, and travel assistance company within the Ingle International group of companies, is changing the landscape of business travel with its award-winning, white-labelled native mobile and web application, Travel Navigator(TM).

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   Facebook is reportedly exploring the possibility of a virtual assistant powered by humans. Its alternative to digital personal assistants like Microsoft's Cortana and Apple's Siri is said to be code-named "Moneypenny," after "M's" secretary in the James Bond stories. According to the article in The Information, Moneypenny would be a feature within Facebook's fast-evolving Messenger service. Users would access Moneypenny for help with online research or to order goods and services.

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   The latest version of WhatsApp for Android brings Google Drive option to back up chat and media (no videos).

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Google Offers Patents to Startups To Fight Patent Trolls

Tech startups face enough challenges without worrying about being taken to court by patent trolls. So Google has launched a program to help young firms defend against potential IP lawsuits.


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McKinsey has an analysis of online talent platforms. Online talent platforms can ease a number of labor-market dysfunctions by more effectively connecting individuals with work opportunities. Such platforms include websites, like and LinkedIn, that aggregate individual résumés with job postings from traditional employers, as well as the rapidly growing digital marketplaces of the new “gig economy,” such as Uber and Upwork. While hundreds of millions ...

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Visual voicemail has always been kind of strange on Android.
For the most part*, Google has left it up to carriers to provide a third-party visual voicemail app compatible with their service. Alas, most of these carrier-built apps are buggy garbage.
(* the exception, of course, being if you use a Google Voice number — then you get visual voicemail provided by Google within the Google Voice app. But most people don’t use Google Voice.)
It seems Google is finall...

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SHANGHAI: The mobile industry in Asia Pacific contributes more than $1 trillion per year to the region's economy, fuelled by rising mobile broadband and smartphone penetration, a new report by GSMA said. GSMA (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) is an association of mobile operators and related companies devoted to supporting the standardizing, deployment and promotion of the GSM mobile telephone system. The report also claims that the mobile industry contributed $1.1 trillion to the Asia P...


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